Are you fed up with feeling below your best?

Challenge yourself to feel better! Our coaching program has been helping people feel better for over 20 years. We have discovered a system of living that has our members constantly claiming how much better they feel, they lose weight, gain muscle, have heaps of energy and enjoy their lives so much more. Join our challenge to feel better and you will never look back. Start to make you a priority so you can really start enjoying your life and giving the best version of you to the people you love.

19 group sessions held every week at Twin Creeks Golf And Country Club at Luddenham

What’s Included

  • Unlimited access to our timetable
  • Access to our PRIVATE Facebook group and community support
  • Coaching on the 5 areas within your control that will allow you to be your best. Sleep, Mindset, Nutrition, Training and Recovery. These areas will form the framework of your success and will each be given a significant focus throughout the challenge and beyond
  • Discounted fruit and vegetables from Joe’s Fruit World
  • Discounted training shoes
  • Discounted smart watches and appliances from Betta Home Living Minchinbury


Our coaching program has helped thousands of people improve their body composition. Your real success will be determined by how much better you feel within yourself. You will feel happier, healthier, stronger and more confident. This is what a few of our last challenge participants had to say…

After many years of trying to get fit and lose some weight with backwards and forwards results, my health went up and down and I was in and out of hospitals at least 3 times and I was heavily reliant on a puffer. Matt Fletcher from GOPT suggested I get serious and give his 8 week challenge a go. Well I lost over 10kg, my puffer is no longer needed and I’m thinking sharper, loving life more and have heaps more energy, which doesn’t make sense because we work very hard at training. I’ve learnt from Matt and Jenny it’s not just the training, it’s about the mindset of making the correct decisions and not just the easy ones. Thank you GOPT Loving life

For four years I lost motivation to look after myself. I was studying and working full time and always made the excuse “I don’t have time to exercise”. After months of pondering, I made the decision to go to my first training session with GOPT in August 2017. There was then, no looking back. I started the 8 week personal challenge in early October and made a change to my life that I never thought was possible. Matt and Jenny are great personal trainers, but more then that, they are inspiring motivators and helped me to improve my overall health and well-being. In five months, I have lost 18 kilograms that I will never see again. I cannot thank GOPT enough for the support, motivation, encouragement and belief in me.

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