Group Personal Training

GOPT Group PT moves completely online during COVID -19

Online training has launched at GOPT Group PT

At midday on March 23rd 2020, for the safety of our team, our members and our community, we made the decision to move our business completely online.

We have stepped up and accepted challenges, hardship and the changes that COVID-19 has brought to our industry and we will continue to honour our core values of Hungry, Humble and Happy.

Online training was something I’ve had in the back of my mind since 2016, it took forced changes due to COVID-19 to make it a reality but here we go – ready for action!

We have workouts planned for all fitness levels and as always, your coaches will be watching your every move Live using Zoom so you can ensure your movement quality and efficiency is the best it can be. Minimal to no equipment is required with our current online programming. The most you will need is a dumbbell and a band, and if you do not have these we can improvise.

If you’re interested now or start to get the feeling that you need more activity or a focus on your health whilst stuck at home give us a shout and we can discuss getting you started.

Making Healthy and Happy Normal

Matt Fletcher

Training Fees

All payments are direct debit and include GST.

Online Group personal training packages available with options from $43-$54 per week. If you would like to know more or would like to trial a free week please contact us.

One on one and private group sessions

Online personal training available upon request

Corporate Health Fitness and Wellness Programs

In keeping with the importance of wellness for corporations, GOPT has developed a targeted program. It is our goal to educate a generation about the benefits of regular exercise and to motivate people to become physically active and stay that way.

GOPT educates and assists companies like yours to improve overall employee health and your bottom line.