That’s Life…

In life we are going to get setbacks, “That’s life”. How we manage them and our emotions will determine the quality of our lives.

Without going into detail, I have had a mini roller coaster of emotions in the last 7 days with regard to a major project. Notice I said a “mini roller coaster”. If I label the experience a massive roller coaster I create a very different experience.

From joy, elation, hope and promise, to disappointment and back to the drawing board, that has been my roller coaster. These highs and lows are all too common in life. I share this experience with you to highlight some key learning’s for me. Here they are……

* Having a vision and goal is important, but more important is doing the daily work to get there. I found myself, in my head daydreaming about what might be, nice, but not productive.

* Focusing on what I can control and taking responsibility for these areas helps me to be at peace with any situation. If I can’t control it, I can’t change it. If I have done my best with what I can control, I can do no more and I am happy.

* Having daily routines and rituals helps me stay in the process. I meditate, I work out, I serve and connect with people, I look for joy, I love and I play. Without these routines and rituals, my head would send me bonkers

* It is OK to feel disappointed, but don’t stay there for long. You choose how you feel. Get back to doing what you can control even better.

* Never Give up and Keep enjoying the journey. If you want something bad enough, then you will find a way, you will make it work, you will succeed and if what you are working towards is aligned with your why and on purpose for you, then enjoying the process will be natural

Today I woke up, Sober, healthy and happy. Today is a great day. I will keep dreaming and I will keep doing.


Love Matt Fletcher