The Training Your Body Needs to Live The Life You Deserve

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GOPT will guide you throughout your journey to wellness, where you will enjoy a sense of community and belonging. No one will judge you.

Our mission is to see our clients happy with their strong and confident future selves. With our training program, you can look forward to improved physical and mental well-being, increased energy levels, and renewed self-confidence.


I have been in and around the health and fitness industry since 1996, working in commercial gyms, council run gyms, delivering corporate health and wellness programs and the owner and founder of GOPT Group Personal Training since January 2013.

My journey through adulthood has given me a wonderful opportunity to learn about human behaviour. Through my own personal challenges with alcohol and drugs, I have learned what it is like to rely on substances to manage my emotions and how I feel.

Being able to deliver our Coaching program “The GOPT Way” gives me a real purpose, brings me immense joy and is an opportunity to celebrate, on a daily basis, a life I am extremely grateful for. I love what I do and I love our GOPT Fitness Family.

Gym Manager / Head of Junior Program

My mission is to help you achieve your goals no matter what they are, in a fun and friendly environment, and to help you become the best version of you.

At the age of 44 I stepped onto the scales and saw the number that would change my life forever, 76 kilos, 12 kilos heavier than I was after giving birth to twins and heading into a size 16. Realizing I wasn’t getting any younger, I decided it was time to do something about it. Over the next couple of years I made a complete turn around with my diet and began to exercise on a regular basis. I managed to lose 18 kilos and can honestly say I feel like I’m in the best physical and mental shape I have ever been in. This journey helped shape who I am today, re-fuelled my passion for health and fitness and motivated me to become a qualified personal trainer. I wanted to be able to help people take the first steps in improving their health and fitness, motivate and encourage them to push harder throughout their training session and drive them to achieve the results they want. I have been working with GOPT as a coach and leader since I became a PT in 2016. Through being persistent and consistent, I believe everybody has the potential to reach his or her goals no matter how big or small. You may have heard the saying “its 10% training and 90% diet”. While this does highlight the importance of proper nutrition, my belief is:

100% Training, 100% Diet, 100% Mindset

\\\ Tamarra Chalk

After having trouble conceiving my last child I was advised losing weight may help. I was sitting at 127kgs. Desperate to finish my family I changed my diet and started walking on the treadmill. 4 months later and 30 kgs lighter I fell pregnant and went on to have my last daughter. During my pregnancy I gained back what I had lost and I wasn’t sure if I’d find that drive again. Thankfully after 6-8 months I found it again and went on to turn my whole life around. I have changed my diet, my thoughts about food, making daily movement a priority and focusing on being the best version of me. I lost over 50kgs and have maintained a steady weight for the last 3 years.

My exercise started as walking, then I started adding small runs in. Soon enough I found a love of running and the peace it gave me. I transferred to the road and haven’t looked back.
As much as running and walking helped me lose weight and maintain the loss, I wanted more so I started looking to join a gym. I enquired online with GOPT and Matt invited me down to meet the team. Absolutely petrified I walked in but felt more at ease as I spoke to the coaches. I went home and joined straight away. Stepping into the unknown has been the biggest improvement in my fitness journey. I am healthier, happier, stronger and more confident.

\\\ Gary Stavrakis

My personal life has been transformed by nutrition, health and fitness and now I want to pay that forward by helping others to feel the same.

My primary focus as a coach is providing “different ways for different goals” for each of my athletes and everyone is different

As a father of three active kids, I know the difficulties and limitations that can sometimes come with a busy life. I have also overcome mental and serious physical ailments that have strengthened both my mind and body.

Spending 15 years in the NSW Police is one of the many significant factors that has bolstered my belief that the greatest strength is born from necessity, and determination is born from adversity.


Claudia discovered Pilates after a serious back injury. She was constantly visiting the physiotherapist and always in pain, that was, until a friend suggested Pilates.

Claudia was hooked on Pilates from from her very first session. Her recovery was miraculous. Claudia is now passionate about teaching the joy of good movement to others. She believes that every day should be lived in strength and be free from restriction and pain.

With her passion for Pilates ignited, she enrolled to train in Pilates mat work and then went on to complete a full Diploma in Pilates.


Don’t miss this chance to do something you are going to love. Everyone around you will see you happier, healthier and more alive

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Uncover Your Best Self
The Training Your Body Needs To Live The Life You Deserve

Fat Loss Free Video

Sign Up to get my free video guide about the best way to lose stubborn belly fat

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Uncover Your Best Self
The Training Your Body Needs To Live The Life You Deserve